G2 Audition material and dates


If you are under 18 years of age you and a legal guardian must sign the Genesis Liability Form before participating in workshops and/or auditions.  Copies will be available if you can not print one yourself, but you will need a legal guardian's signature to participate.

GenesisLiabilityForm.pdf GenesisLiabilityForm.pdf
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September 16th - 9am to 6pm  Sparta HS
Free and for all talent levels.  Basics and Chopping out!!!

October 7th - 9am to 6pm Sparta HS
$10 fee and geared more towards intermediate and Advanced skill levels.  
This will be more about the Genesis packets and how we do WGI. 


October 21st - 9am to 6pm Godwin Heights HS
$20 one time fee or free if Genesis $50 Audition fee was paid.

November 4th - 11am to 6pm Godwin Heights HS
$20 fee or free if attended October 21st audition or Genesis $50 Audition fee was paid.


Battery Packet!!

G2BatteryPacket2019.pdf G2BatteryPacket2019.pdf
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Front Packet!!

G2FrontPacket2019.pdf G2FrontPacket2019.pdf
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